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    Here at Northern Building Services, we have been specialising in rendering Harrogate buildings for over 20 years, working hard to repair weathered walls or give a fresh look to any building.

    If you are based in Harrogate, you could benefit from rendering in the following ways:

    • An additional layer to your home’s original brickwork, for increased protection against environmental wear and tear
    • Cover up weathering and previous damage caused to your internal or external walls
    • A greatly improved appearance for external walls that have become discoloured through rainfall and other weather effects.

    What Is Rendering?

    Rendering is the process of applying a coat of plaster to the wall of a house or other building, either to improve the look of the build or to repair damaged wall cavities. It can be completed without planning permission (if the building is unlisted) and, assuming the wall in question is not in need of insulation or repair, does not have to be a costly affair.

    Render is made by mixing sand, cement and hydrated lime together with water and mortar plasticiser. It is normally applied in two coats – the ‘scratch’ coat and the ‘top’ coat. The scratch coat provides the main foundation and is left to dry for 24 hours, before the top coat is applied to take away any high points and give a pleasingly smooth appearance.

    Preparing Your Home for Render

    Before a wall is rendered, it will need to be surveyed to determine whether it is in need of any structural repair or stabilisation, or indeed insulation. For a solid-walled house or where the cavity is too narrow for internal insulation, an external wall insulation system is usually recommended.

    Various external features will also need to be removed before work can begin. These include bargeboards, soil pipes and alarm boxes. Vents will need to be extended.

    If insulation is being fitted at the same time as rendering, a fabric render mesh will be applied before the render coat to act as a barrier against cracking. After this one or two more thin coats of render will usually be applied (the scratch coat and the top coat).

    Quality You Can Depend On

    Northern Building Services are dedicated to providing the best rendering service in the whole of Yorkshire. We take great pride in all of the projects we take on, and will be happy to survey your home to offer you a full quote.

    We can guarantee that all of our work will comply with Building Regulations and can advise you on the best way to check development rights with your local authority.

    If you are interested in our rendering services, give us a call today.