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    Further to our building services, Northern Render Services are also highly skilled in providing thorough roof, brick and stone cleaning services for property.

    We are competent in roof cleaning, and can transform roofs that have been subject to dirt, soot, overgrowing moss or other potential staining agents. The service is quick and simple to complete, and will leave your roof clean for an extended period of time.

    Northern Render Services can also complete quality chemical cleaning for brick and stone surfaces. Not having to use sandblasting techniques, the chemical cleaning is extremely efficient, and leaves a fantastic finish after re pointing.


    The cleaning services that we can provide don’t just finish with chemical care. Once we are sure that the roof or other surface is completely clean, we apply a quality weather seal to the clean stone or brick.

    This weather seal is spray applied, and is an industrial quality sealant that gives a silicone rubber coating to protect your exterior brick or stone work from the elements.

    Sealant application is available upon request, but we recommend that you take the service in order to greatly preserve the quality of your property.

    We are available for all of your internal and external cleaning or renovation needs, so please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.